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Found It On the Web...

Miscellaneous Links (2001.01.02)

First, read this: Rock and Roll, You Pukes!. (Go ahead, it opens in a new window so you won’t lose your place here; and you have to read it to find the next one so much more funnier.)

Now, read this: Women. Sheesh.

Pretty damned funny huh? That’s what I was thinking when I stumbled upon (from I can’t remember where) these stories. They’re by Greg Knauss, and I know that I’ve heard of his site, An Entirely Other Day, a few times on other sites before. Now though I’ve found these stories and have been enjoying them. Like this one: Reality Intrudes.

After finding and enjoying these stories, I hope that everything (the homepage of the site currently read this: “An Entirely Other Day will be closed during a medical emergency in my wife’s family”) turns out OK.

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