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End Of An Era (2001.01.08)

the sky is falling!
the sky is falling!

I feel so like the world is winding down. Like Roland’s world in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. Like nobody is trying anymore and everyone is just packing up shop and closing down until we and the world just fades away.

Today Q closed shop. Our bosses said that they’re putting the company on ice (meaning that it could come back), but who knows how long this cryostatis will last.

It’s been three years. Three long years. Three short years. And I was there since the beginning. I’ve seen people come and I’ve seen people go. I’ve seen the company grow from doing small local businesses nobody has ever heard of to doing recognized companies like AT&T, Mayors, and Levitz; and being so busy that we could hardly rest. And I’ve watched the company wind down.

When the bomb hit it was only six of us left (our sales-person-of-the-quarter was let go in the morning). But we were the six that mattered. We were the ones that lasted through everything else. Until today.

What is happening? The dot com flops. The election mess distracting everybody and the market going down. And now this. I feel so like the third millennium is the anti-technology millennium.

Are other Web design companies still doing good, or just treading the water and sinking?

Remember the good old days? It wasn’t that long ago. A year or so. Where did they go? Will we ever have times like that again?

I don’t know.

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