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Delayed From Work (2001.04.20)

*sigh* This marks another week of my staying home from work.

Monday when the nurse came to change my bandage and check on my wound, she said that my wound had gotten deeper. Rather than healing more, the wound got deeper. She even said that it looks like I’ve lost two and a half weeks of healing.

It looks like I went back to work too early. But we really needed my extra income to pay off my bills; plus I don’t want to lose my job from them thinking that I may never return.

Yesterday was my doctor’s appointment. He hasn’t seen the wound in three weeks. He thought that it looked better than the last time he saw it (over three weeks ago), but not by much. He also said that he had expected me to be all healed by now.

But I’m not. And I fear returning to work. And I fear that this wound may never heal.

When will this end?

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