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E-mail To Bosses (2001.04.23)

A e-mail to the bosses at my job:

As you may have guessed by now, I will not be returning to work this week. After hearing from the nurse last Monday that my healing had regressed (the wound got deeper) about two and a half weeks, I have been doing nothing since then but to lie down. I have not even tried to sit at all (except for using the bathroom, but that you don’t want to know about) since then.

When we saw the doctor last Thursday, even he said that he had expected me to be healed by now. I am doing everything I can to try to speed up the healing. Taking a fully array of vitamins. Eating extra, extra amounts of protein. And avoiding upsetting the wound by not sitting on it or bending too much. But with all this I am still slowly healing. This week makes week 12 since I’ve had my surgery. The end of this month makes three months.

This has been and continues to be a living hell for me. Not a fire and brimstone hell, but a cold and depressing one. No sooner do I get married (we made sure to schedule the surgery after our honeymoon), I get incapacitated. I cannot lie on my back. I cannot go to the bathroom with ease. I cannot even do the simple things we take for granted like sitting down and tying shoelaces. And, except for that two week “experiment” (which set me back in healing), I have not been able to return to work.

But I can work, if I lie down (as I’m doing now). And I can return to work, if somebody drives me. And that is my plan for returning to work. Sitting was a mistake. If I can have a computer set-up on the floor somewhere where I can lie down, then I can do work. With that and Judy stopping her job beginning next week so that she can drive me to and from work, then I can return to work. In this manner (Judy driving me and me having a computer on the floor I can lie down and work at) I can return to work on Monday, April 30th.

And I do wish to return to work. Not only because we need my income to pay rent, pay bills, and buy groceries; but also because I have been stuck unproductive in this apartment for too long. My two weeks of returning to work may have upset the wound, but it did bring me some joy to be out and be doing something productive.

In case anybody else in the company (I don’t know the chain-of-command yet) needs to know my story and my plan for my returning to work, then please forward this letter to them.

Thank you,

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