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Still Healing Some More (2001.06.03)

This wednesday it will have been eighteen weeks since my cyst operation.

The open wound is getting smaller (was much smaller until the doctor massaged the wound last Thursday), but it doesn’t look like it will be closed before the eighteen-week mark. But we hope that it will heal quicker.

Not much has really happened since the last time I updated anything on this site. Found a few links which I’ve added to the links page. But mostly, life has taken a front-seat to the Web. I go to work (the sad part is that I have to lie down at work to not interfere with the wound’s growth progress). I come home. Judy and I have dinner, we watch some TV, and then we go to bed.

I still seriously miss sitting, and as long as I can’t sit for long times (or any amount of time), there isn’t going to be much new happening here.

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