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Almost Done Healing (2001.06.21)

Yesterday marked the twentieth week since my cyst operation, and I’m finally on the road to recovery.

By last Thursday when we visited the doctor my wound was just a “tiny hole,” not even enough to pack the bandage into. The doctor had said that it should only be a few more days before the wound completely healed. We had a hard time believing him since he’s been saying that it would close for the past couple of months (but then he would massage the wound and we’d be back in two weeks with it still not healed). But last Thursday it was different. He didn’t massage the wound (it was just a “tiny hole”) and by the end of the weekend it was gone. On Monday the nurse came, confirmed that my wound had healed, and “graduated” me from home health care.

Party, party, party.

Now I am finally on the road to recovery. Although the skin has grown back it still (as the nurse reminded us) doesn’t mean that it’s back to full strength. It’s been several months since I’ve last sat down for a good amount of time. I have to rehabilitate myself back to sitting. Like people who get injured from their waist down and have to learn to walk again, I have to learn to sit again.

So that’s what this week has been; my first week of learning to sit again. It’s been so long that sitting actually feels weird. After I’ve been sitting for maybe fifteen minutes, the “sitting muscles” get sore. You probably don’t notice these if you take sitting for granted like I did, but when I sit I can actually feel the muscles in the back of my legs as they’re trying to get used to sitting after so long.

I’ve planned it out that this week I’ll spend the nights “practicing sitting.” This weekend I hope to be comfortable enough with sitting so that I can practice driving. That way by next week I’ll be able to drive myself to work (and let Judy sleep in), but I’ll still have to lie down at work. By the third week from now I hope to be comfortable enough with sitting that I’ll be able to move back into a cubicle at work and be able to sit for at least half of the day (switching between sitting and kneeling when sitting gets sore).

With this schedule I hope to be back to regular sitting by my birthday, July 20th.

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