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Cats & Dogs (2001.07.08)

Last night we saw Cats & Dogs. If you’re a dog lover or a cat lover (or maybe even a cat hater since they cats are trying to rule the world), then this is a movie to see. This is a comedy plain and simple, and a really funny one (if you’re a pet person) at that.

The movie has Jeff Goldblum as a scientist working (in his basement) on formula to cure humans of allergies to dogs. But don’t expect much of the human acters... the dogs and cats are the real stars of this movie. The dogs are trying to protect Professor Brody’s research while the cats (lead by Mr. Tinkles) are trying to steal the formula and reverse it so all humans will be allergic to dogs (thus giving the cats dominating power).

This movie is very funny with all the antics and spy gadgets the dogs and cats use when the humans aren’t looking. But I will warn you, there is a tear-jerker at the end... at least there is if you’ve ever had a dog as a kid.

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