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Jurassic Park III (2001.07.30)

Saturday night we saw Jurassic Park III.

What do I say about the next chapter of the run from the dinos franchise? Well, I don’t think it was as suspenseful or scary as the first two because you expect a dinosaur to be waiting around every corner. It was nice to see some new dinosaurs brought to live via computer animation and movie special effects, but that and the dino barbecue they tried to have (and that satellite phone that keep popping up) was just about all the good parts of the movie to me.

With the first Jurassic Park you were introduced to the wonder of creating dinosaurs from cloned DNA (and in reality the wonder of how far Hollywood has come in making life-like dinosaurs). You were also introduced to the terror of what could happen if they got out from behind their electrified cages. In the second movie, The Lost World, one part of the movie as a rescue mission (on the second island where the dinos were running free, a character from the first movie went to get his girlfriend who was alone photographing the dinos), and the other part of the movie was the company trying to capture some of the dinosaurs to take them back to a zoo in San Diego. This movie was interesting because of the rescue mission and because of the way they were trying to hunt and capture dinosaurs as if they were just like any other animal.

But now the third movie comes out. It’s a rescue mission like we’ve already had (“let’s go rescue these people/person and oh look, we’re stuck on the island also”), and that was it. So, I say that it was good to see new dinos brought to life via movie magic, and it had some funny parts as well as plenty of running and screaming, but that’s about it.

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