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American Pie 2 (2001.08.07)

Last night we saw an advanced screening of American Pie 2. There is really only one thing I need to tell you about this movie: if you like to laugh, go see it.

This movie had more hilarious scenes than the first movie, American Pie. At first I thought I was beginning to feel a little disappointed, thinking that they already showed all the good parts in the commercials (like Jim’s dad walking in on him having sex, and Jim super-gluing himself to... himself). But at the very beginning of the movie, when you see the position Jim was in when his dad walked in on him, and then you see the multitude of other funny and very funny scenes, then you know that they didn’t waste all the jokes in the commercials.

This movie was more about the laughs than the first movie. Although it did have some sentimental parts near the end of the movie, most of this movie was about the adventures of the guys (Jim, Finch, Oz, not so much Kevin, and especially Stifler). The girls from the first movie (Heather, Nadia, Vicky, and Jessica) weren’t even as much of a focus in this movie as they might have been in the first (except for Michelle, who had more of a role in this one than the first).

I’ll have to see the American Pie again to confirm, but I’d say that American Pie 2 is the funnier one of the two movies.

Now, about the advanced screening...

We got our advanced screening ticket by entering Deco Drive’s ticket giveaway. Well, the ticket said what movie theater to go to, and it said to be there early since they may not have seating for everyone they’re giving the tickets to. It also had the movie poster picture, which itself mentions that the movie is rated “R”.

But now let’s talk about what they forgot to mention. They didn’t mention that you really need to arrive early (an hour or more) to wait in a line because first they give away all the good seats to people from the press (newspaper critics and the like who are going to write about the movie), people from the promoters (TV and radio stations, etc) and their friends, and anyone else to is on their “list” (seems like everybody’s got a list, and if you’re not on the list then you’re nobody). They could have mentioned on the tickets that this was going to happen so that those of us who are not special don’t think that we’re being robbed because all these other people get to go in before us while we wait in line for over an hour.

They also didn’t mention that, because it’s an “R” rated movie, they need to see your ID (showing proof of age) before you can go in. Now, while this wasn’t a problem for us, it was a problem for a kid and his friend who showed up just as early as we did (about an hour and a half before the listed show time), but they didn’t bring their ID (and I also don’t think they were over 17 anyways) and they didn’t know until almost half an hour before the listed show time. After standing in line for over an hour, they had to leave because of the ID rule. The promoters who printed those tickets could have made mention of that fact (there were a few other people in line who had to run out to their car to get their ID) on the ticket.

They also forgot to mention that the show time they listed wasn’t the time they were going to show the movie, but the time they were going to let the rest of us who aren’t on any list into the theater to grab our seats. And then after that further exclude some of us by taping paper to some seats, and if you sat in one of those seats then you get either a promo shirt, hat, or the movie soundtrack (meanwhile they’ve got boxes of the stuff and can probably afford to give everybody something since after the movie it looked like people were digging through the boxes of the promotion stuff they left behind). Was it a problem for us that the movie started over half an hour later then what they listed on the ticket? Well, yes, it was, since we had to drive all the way to the complete other side of Broward county (southwest when we live northeast), and we had to arrive early so we didn’t have dinner yet, and I had work the next day.

So, would we do an advanced screening again? Maybe, if the theater was closer to home perhaps, but a free ticket didn’t compensate for the price of standing in line for so long.

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