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It Was Just A Dream...

Near Accident (2002.06.13)

This is a quick one from the other night...

As it commonly goes, I don’t remember all of how my dream started, how I got to where I was in the dream, or even where I was in the dream. But what I first remember from this part of the dream is that I was standing reading a newspaper. When I lowered the paper I noticed that I was standing in the median of a downhill road, by an intersection. The downhill traffic was going through the intersection, and I saw a semi-truck and a U-haul truck go through. I also saw two police cars (with lights and sirens on) go through the intersection, one from the downhill road, and one from the left-hand road.

After seeing that I lifted the newspaper back up and continued to read. The next thing I know, it’s like I’m watching the news on TV. They were showing footage of an accident that just happened. The footage was the same thing as what I just saw, but different. When then semi-truck was going through the intersection, he swerved. This caused the U-haul truck (who was on the semi’s left) to swerve into oncoming (uphill) traffic. There were more cars crashing, and when the police sped in, they crashed into the growing accident also.

But that wasn’t all of the news footage. Then they showed what had happened behind me. Now all of this I don’t remember, but it was something like another semi-truck had wrapped itself around a street light behind me. It’s trailer part keep going, but it had flown over my head. That flying trailer (flying into the intersection) is what had caused the other semi to swerve, which set off the rest of the accidents.

When I saw that footage about the truck crashing into the street light behind me, that’s when I turned around and saw the wreckage myself. I then realized that the trailer portion of that truck had flown over my head, and had almost killed me. Realizing this I felt a sudden wave of relief (and shock) that I had survived almost being killed.

Now, what do you think the next thing I thought in my dream after that? Well, it turns out that, standing there realizing I just survived this major accident, I suddenly realized how lucky I was. And with that luck, I should go and buy a lottery ticket!

But then the dream carried on that thought, for the next thing I know I’m running along the left-side road, in the grass between the road and the train tracks, chasing after a bunch of people (including Kirk Cameron, and I think it was Sean Astin) who were carrying the fallen street light, and celebrating with it. I finally caught up with them, grabbed the pole from Sean Astin and was trying to look all over it trying to find some numbers for the lottery ticket I was going to buy with all of my new found luck.

I don’t remember what happened after that, I think I woke up. It was a pretty crazy dream, and thinking back about, it was also pretty funny. Now if I could only remember what those lottery numbers were in the dream.

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