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Star Wars Episode III Midnight Premiere (2005.05.19)

As I’m currently watching Episode IV now (to continue with this week’s plan to watch the entire Star Wars series from Episodes I to VI), and as last night was filled with such excitement (and then lack of sleep), I’ll just list some of the major points of attending last night’s midnight premiere of Episode III.

Our (my brother Adam and myself) plan had been to watch Chapters 1 through 25 of the Clone Wars cartoons. After that we would head to the Muvico to get in line around 10p.m. What we didn’t expect, what we didn’t keep track of, was just how many theaters were selling out at the Muvico... and how early the line would be forming. After calling the Muvico, I found out that they were letting people into the theaters at 10p.m. (a full two hours before the midnight premiere). That drastically changed our timetable.

Without even enough time to eat when Judy got home (and just enough time to only watch Chapter 25 of the Clone Wars (which leads right into the start of Episode III) and just enough time for Adam to finally see the trailer for Episode III), we headed straight for the theater around 8:30.

When we got to the Muvico it was almost 9p.m., and there was already a line stretching from the entrance to a corner of the building. Though the people in line were diverse, there weren’t that many people dressed up (although there were quite a few who had brought chairs, notebook computers, and even portable DVD players).

While waiting in line we managed to get some food from the concession stand inside (and even a hot dog cart the theater had outside the line). Though the waiting in line seemed to take forever (especially with the high humidity last night), eventually it was 10p.m. and the line started moving.

In my opinion, Muvico handled letting people into the theaters in a pretty good manner. It didn’t matter what theater number your ticket said, they told you which theater to go to. They did this while letting people in in waves (maybe 20 to 30 people at a time). So, though we were at the end of line which they sent into theater #2, we were actually part of the first group which went into theater #2 (meaning that we were able to get our preferred seats: center screen both horizontally and vertically). Over the next two hours more people kept coming in in waves until the theater was almost full just before midnight.

One of the best parts of attending the midnight premiere had to have been the energy in the theater. Everyone was there specifically to see this movie. Everyone was there in eager anticipation to see this movie. And as the time grew past midnight without the movie starting, every time a screen ad faded to black there was a sigh of anticipation, and as a new ad came in, the audience collectively moaned with disappointment (at one point someone nearby us even used his cell phone to call the front desk to ask if they had forgotten about us). But finally the time came when the theater lights dimmed and the movie started (oh, and they did show some other movie trailers... though I didn’t see the point since everyone there only cared about one movie).

Like I said, the great thing about attending the midnight premiere was watching the movie with so many other people who were also so eager for this movie. The eruption of applause when those simple words (“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...”) appeared on the screen, the cheers when favorite characters showed up in the movie, and the gasps of shock as... well, for that you’ll have to see the movie.

As for the movie itself, well, what can I say? The movie was very intense, very dramatic, and very dark. Even know watching Episode IV, it seems that Episode III is much more action packed and quicker in pace. And what’s more, finally, all the pieces of the puzzle come together. Finally, we know the dark secrets which lead Anakin Skywalker to become Darth Vader. Finally, we can experience the complete series from start to finish.

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